Woodward Mayor Brian Devick Resigns Amid Health Concerns

September 13, 2018 5:35 am
Former Woodward Mayor Brian Devick

Former Woodward Mayor Brian Devick

The City of Woodward has found itself without a mayor, as Brian Devick announced his resignation at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Devick cited growing health concerns as his reason for resigning, even as he had only a year left on his second term in the office. The City is now tasked with finding a new mayor to fill the remainder of Devick’s term, and the Council has decided to fill the position by appointment. They have 60 days starting this past Monday to fill the vacancy, after which time there would be a special election. Before leaving, Devick recommended Council member Craig Dehoet, but the seat is open to anyone from the Woodward community.

Those interested are encouraged to reach out to City Hall at 515-438-2560 before the next regular meeting on October 8th. Mayor Pro-tem David Luke ran the rest of the meeting Monday after Devick excused himself, and will continue to run meetings until a new mayor is selected. After the Council appoints someone, citizens have 14 days to file a protest and force a special election if they feel the appointee is unfit for the office.

Devick said deciding to resign as mayor was the hardest decision he’s had to make since taking office, but he was advised by his physicians to take it easy as his health issues have grown. He thanked the City staff, Council, and residents of Woodward for their support during his seven years in office, and wished the City the best moving forward.

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