Goat Results

July 14, 2018 12:37 pm

Goat Results

Grand Champion Market Doe: Savannah Lansman

Reserve Grand Champion Market Doe: Becca Anderson


Grand Champion Meat Goat: Preston Kennedy

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat: Becca Anderson


Overall Market Meat Goat Champion: Preston Kennedy

Overall Market Meat Goat Reserve Champion: Savannah Lansman


Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Megan Palmer

Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Taylor McDowell


Grand Champion Rate of Gain: Becca Anderson/Savannah Lansman

Reserve Champion Rate of Gain: Bailey Anderson


Grand Champion Jr. Kid: Connor Gunn

Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Kid: Charles Gunn


Grand Champion Senior Doe: Charles Gunn

Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe: Connor Gunn


Best in Show: Preston Kennedy


Junior Showmanship: Taylor McDowell

Intermediate Showmanship: Preston Kennedy

Senior Showmanship: Connor Gunn

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