Greene County School Board to Approve a Budget Amendment

May 16, 2018 5:28 am

Greene County RamsThe Greene County School Board will meet twice tonight.

The Board will hold a work session at 5:15pm. The meeting will begin with board members taking a tour of the recently completed student construction house at 204 East Wilcox Way. The meeting will then conclude at the conference room of the administrative building with a high school computer class presentation at 5:45pm.

The regular board meeting will then take place at 6:30pm. The Board is expected to approve a 2018 fiscal year budget amendment following a public hearing. They will then consider for approval teacher leadership contracts, an amendment to the 403(b) plan document, a 2018-19 service agreement with Region XII Council of Governments and Western Iowa Transit, baseball and softball officials, 2018-19 registration fees, sharing Area Education Agency services and a possible purchase or refurbishment to the wrestling mats. Additionally, the Board will discuss the district career guidance plan, a work based learning position, and a bonding timeline.

The regular meeting will also take place in the conference room of the administrative building in Jefferson.

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