Guthrie County Dispatchers Could Benefit From New Jail

April 16, 2018 5:33 am

Guthrie SheriffAt last Tuesday’s Guthrie County Board of Supervisors meeting, Sheriff Marty Arganbright once again discussed the possibility of constructing a new jail. Arganbright and Carroll County Sheriff Ken Pingrey are extremely concerned that the deterioration of, and lack of prisoner separation in, the current facility are putting overall safety at risk. While a new jail could increase overall security, it could also increase efficiency for personnel, particularly the dispatchers.

Guthrie County Dispatcher Amy Cleveland tells Raccoon Valley Radio the benefits a new jail could provide. “We would have a little bit more safety and privacy separation between inmates and some of the confidential information that we deal with. With us being sometimes the only ones in the entire building after hours, staffing would be a little more appropriate and closer to compliant than what we’re able to manage right now.”

Cleveland also mentioned a growing concern regarding some missed emergency calls. “Unfortunately it does occasionally happen. We try really hard not to let that happen, but once in a while it does happen.”

The Sheriff’s Office does have rollover technology in case of a missed call. The Board of Supervisors plan on forming a committee with Sheriff Arganbright and other County officials to explore jail improvements going forward.

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