Stowe, Chmelar, Nelson Qualify for All-State Individual Events Speech Festival

March 13, 2018 5:30 am

IHSSA LogoSchools all across southwest Iowa converged at Nevada High School Saturday for the State Individual Events Speech Contest. Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center, Panorama, and West Central Valley sent a combined 50 entries to the contest. Last night three of those performers learned they will have another chance to perform. AC/GC’s Collin Stowe and Aubrey Chmelar, as well as Panorama’s Mavis Nelson were selected for the All State Festival later this month. Stowe qualified in solo musical theatre, Chmelar qualified in improv, and Nelson qualified in poetry.

A combined sixteen entries received a “I” rating from all three judges. An additional eleven received an overall “I” rating, which means a “I” from two judges and a “II” rating from one judge. Two students received “I” ratings in two different events. Panorama’s Jensen Wilke received a “I” rating from all three judges in both reviewing and acting. Josie Arganbright, also from Panorama, received an overall “I” rating in both original oratory and prose.

The All-State Festival is Monday, March 26th at UNI.

State Speech Results:


Collin Stowe: Solo Musical Theatre- I,I,I*

Lauryn Embleton: Expository- I,I,I

Aubrey Chmelar: Improv- I,I,I*; After Dinner- II,II,II

Peyton Emgarten: Literary Program- I,I,I

Angela Martinez: Original Oratory- I,I,I

Malena Rumelhart: Literary Program- I,I,I

MaKayla Hoing: Public Address- I,I,II

Klare Sheley: Public Address- I,I,II

Donald Straw: Poetry- I,I,II

Noah Nelsen: Improv- I,I,II

Maggie Maas: Acting- I,I,II; Solo Musical Theatre- II,II,II

Carter Hanson: Radio- I,I,II

Keisha Peters: Poetry- II,II,I

Alyson Embleton: Storytelling- II,II,I

Hunter Vasey: Review- II,II,II; Solo Musical Theatre- II,II,II

Hailey Bates: Original Oratory- II,II,II



Jensen Wilke: Reviewing- I,I,I; Acting- I,I,I

Lauren Soll: Poetry- I,I,I; Spontaneous Speaking- II,II,II

Shayley Hunt: Prose- I,I,I

Mavis Nelson: Poetry- I,I,I*

Jamy Randol: Original Oratory- I,I,I; Expository- II,II,II

Lexi Van Winkle: Solo Musical Theater- I,I,I

Jesse Gardner: Solo Musical Theater- I,I,I

Shekynah Haworth: Acting- I,I,I; Spontaneous Speaking- II,II,I

Makenna Woodvine: Original Oratory- I,I,II

Josie Arganbright: Original Oratory- I,I,II; Prose- I,I,II

Jacob Holwegner: Improvisation- I,I,II

Taylor Raibikis: Public Address- I,I,II

Kordell Gafkjen: After Dinner Speaking- II,II,I; Prose- II,II,II

Bryant Thompson: Storytelling- II,II,I; Acting- II,II,II

Erica Block: Storytelling- II,II,I

Cameron Laughery: Expository Address- II,II,I

Madi Fear: Solo Musical Theater- II,II,II

West Central Valley-

Emma Johnson: Prose- Overall I

Larissa Crawford: Acting- Overall II

Jacob Jones: Storytelling- Overall II

Kaila Findley: Prose- Overall II

Bodhi Mains: Radio- Overall II

*Denotes All-State Qualifiers


All State Qualifier Performance Schedule: 

Collin Stowe (Solo Musical Theatre)- Center XIII; Bengston Auditorium, Russell Hall; 11:30am (fourth performer)

Aubrey Chmelar (Improv)- Center III; Expansion C-Maucker Union; 10am (sixth performer)

Mavis Nelson (Poetry)- Center XIV; Multicultural Center-Maucker Union; 3pm (fifth performer)

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