Reminder to Keep Fire Hydrants and Mailboxes Cleared of Snow

February 13, 2018 5:25 am

fire hydrant in snowWith several inches of snowfall in our area, now is a great time to be reminded of some less-than obvious areas to keep clear of snow.

Jefferson Fire Chief Jack Williams reminds all property owners with a fire hydrant, to keep the area around them clear of snow and ice during the winter season.

“It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the fire hydrant is cleared. Roughly two-feet around the fire hydrant, and that is just so we can get hoses connected quickly if we need to. We have had instances in the past where the snow is frozen and really hard to get chopped out after it’s been sitting there for a few days.”

Another reminder is to keep all mailboxes cleared of ice and snow. Jefferson Post Commander Peg Erickson encourages residents to use a melting agent where necessary, and keep all sidewalks, steps, railings and porches cleared of snow and ice. Letter carriers have been instructed to not deliver mail to locations that are considered to be too difficult or unsafe. Erickson thanks everyone for their help to ensure the safety of all postal carriers throughout the year.

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