Grant Application Deadline Thursday for Greene County Community Foundation

February 13, 2018 5:28 am

Greene County Community FoundationThe deadline to submit grant applications to the Greene County Community Foundation is Thursday.

This year there are two different kinds of grant applications: one that’s up to $3,000 and another for projects from $3,001 to $35,000. Other requirements include: a minimum request of $1,000; grant recipients must complete an evaluations form after the project is complete; no federal funds can be used; and all projects must take place within Greene County. Grant requests that are more than $35,000 are to be directed to Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation (GGCGC).

Greene County Community Foundation President Tom Wind says their partnership couldn’t be any better with GGCGC, as the two entities enter their third year working together.

“There’s an adjustment period in there too, where they adjust some of the things they do to accomodate what we do. But it’s been working very smoothly. As you know there’s just a great group of people on the Grow Greene County Board. People are generally very cooperative and we are all Iowans and ‘Iowa Nice’ really works out real well. It’s been going pretty well.”

Grants will be awarded in mid-March. Click the link below for a copy of the grant application.

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