Dallas County Once Again Seeking Bids for Structural Steel Work

February 8, 2018 5:35 am

Dallas Co Supervisors 1-9

At the most recent Dallas County Supervisors meeting, the topic of the structural steel bid package for the new law enforcement center once again came up.

In January, the package was awarded to U.S. Erectors, Inc, for $861,580. However, pending litigation surrounding a general contractor who bid for the entire project in December brought up some irregularities in the bid-letting process for the structural steel work. County Attorney Wayne Reisetter explained that the irregularity in publishing the time for bidding resulted in a violation of Iowa law. Therefore, the contract the County made with U.S. Erectors could not be sustained and needed to be voided. The Board approved voiding the contract and sending a letter to the contractor notifying them of the action.

The next step for the County is to once again seek bids for the work. This is now the second time they’ve let the steel bid package, as they didn’t receive any individual bids during the original bid process. The bid notice was posted Wednesday, and the deadline for submissions will be March 1st. The Samuels Group, the construction managers for the project, will then review the bids before presenting them to the Supervisors at their regular public meeting on March 6th.

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