City of Perry to Begin Phase Two of Sign Project Soon

February 13, 2018 5:32 am

City of Perry

The City of Perry is about to enter phase two of a citywide project to replace the current signage, and they will be getting some help from the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The DOT offers a Sign Replacement Program, where they will reimburse the City up to $5,000 for new signs. At their most recent meeting, the Perry City Council approved the submission of an application to the program, which City Administrator Sven Peterson says will allow them to replace regular, warning, and school area signage for a substantial portion of the City. “Luckily, we’re able to get this grant from the Iowa DOT. The first phase did everything west of 1st Street, and this grant does everything from 8th Street to 31st Street, from Willis to Pattee or McKinley. And then actually on 8th Street and 16th Street, the sign replacement will go all the way up to Park Street, just to kind of make those thoroughfares for the schools a little bit more attractive.”

There is a long list of signs the Perry Public Works Department has identified for replacement with the project. Deputy Public Works Director Josh Wuebker says work should begin in about a month, and be wrapped up by June.

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