Safety Reminders When Driving in Blowing Snow Conditions

January 11, 2018 5:34 am

Greene County SheriffWith a strong possibility of blowing snow expected in Greene County today, now is a good time to review safety reminders when traveling on the road.

Greene County Sheriff Jack Williams says if you encounter “white out” conditions, due to blowing snow, never use your vehicle’s high-beams.

“High beams tend to pick up the snow particles more, which reduces your visibility even more. If it’s a complete white out turn your four-ways (hazard lights) on, and then just drive slow. Every once in a while find the shoulder a little bit, so that you know you’re still in your lane.”

The National Weather Service predicts wind gusts could be as strong as 50-miles-per-hour in the Greene County area, with normal wind speeds of 25- 35-mph today.


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