Jefferson City Council Approves Resolution for Animal Shelter Project

January 11, 2018 5:28 am

Jefferson City Council 1_9The Jefferson City Council recently approved a resolution regarding a new animal shelter.

City Administrator Mike Palmer says there are three criteria within the resolution that the Council passed unanimously. The criteria are: fundraising $1.2 million to build the facility, 28E agreements with Greene County and the other cities of $24,500 annually towards the operation budget and the land is given to the City to build the facility.

“All three of those things need to be in place before the City would build it. In essence, the City is not going out to borrow any money to start this construction. Although, they’ll own it in the end, actually doing the bidding of the construction, nothing will be triggered until the funds have been raised.”

As of Wednesday, no other city council in the county has formally approved the 28E agreement. However, the County Supervisors agreed to continue to contribute $15,000 towards the operational expenses. Greene County Development Corporation has already formally agreed to give the City six-acres in the west business park for the project.

Palmer adds that the resolution also formally allows the City to accept donations for the project. Donations to build the animal shelter can be dropped off at the Jefferson City Hall.


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