Greene County Libraries Association Shows Off Successful 2017 Programs

January 13, 2018 5:31 am
GC Libraries Association presenting to Supervisors

GC Libraries Association presenting to Supervisors

The Greene County Libraries Association is gearing up for another successful year in 2018.

County librarians formally presented to the County Supervisors on Monday, where they recapped programs from 2017. Greene County Reads had 63 people participating and Toddler Fest drew another 181 children, 144 adults and 75 volunteers. There were 54 teens who saw the free teen movie, along with other programs like Absolute Science, summer reading programs and bringing in the Rope Warrior with a grant.

Since each of the six county libraries do similar programs, they requested a $650 increase in their cooperative funds from the Supervisors. They also asked for a three-percent increase in their base funding to $72,100, plus an additional $1,000 per library in funding. Finally, they asked for a $50 increase in the movie license fees. The Supervisors took no action on the 2019 fiscal year funding request.

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