Blowing Snow Continues to be an Issue in Greene County

January 11, 2018 12:18 pm

DSCN7932High winds will continue to be an issue in Greene County.

Now that the wintery mix part of Thursday has passed, Greene County will continue to see high winds. That means lots of blowing snow, as the National Weather Service states that gusts are as high as 50-miles-per-hour. Not only is visibility low when traveling on the roads, it makes it harder for road crews to clear them of snow.

Jefferson Public Works Director Dave Morlan says street crews were out at 5:30am applying sand to all of the streets in the City. Since 10am, the plows have been trying to clear the roads of snow. Morlan points out that the snow is so late, it is blowing over the plow trucks and icing up the windshields. He adds that they will continue to plow the streets tonight and tomorrow night. As a reminder, since the Jefferson snow ordinance is in effect, no parking is allowed on city streets and alleyways. Morlan notes that they will be plowing the downtown square the next two nights, and so no one is allowed to park around the square from 2 to 6am.

Greene County Sheriff Jack Williams tells Raccoon Valley Radio the roads remain slick, but aren’t completely snow-covered. He sent in a video he took just five miles north of Jefferson around 11:30am. The video can be viewed below.

Raccoon Valley Radio’s Severe Weather Action Team gives you up-to-date winter weather-related information, along with cancellations and postponements.

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