Arber Presents Five-Year Transfer Station Plan to Guthrie County Supervisors

January 12, 2018 5:33 am

IMG_2003The Guthrie County Board of Supervisors met in regular budgeting session Thursday.

Transfer Station Executive Director Jotham Arber presented the station’s five-year plan to the Board. The plan outlined objectives for the first three years, rather than five, as Arber believes they will need to be updated before the end of the fifth year. The objectives focus on all aspects at the station, including: safety procedures, equipment and technological upgrades, and personnel. Arber also presented the station’s overall budget.

The Board then approved the purchase of a new telehandler for $81,500. The new machine includes a new bucket and allows the station to lift 1,000 more pounds of material at a higher height. Then County Treasurer Marci Schreck presented her 2019 fiscal year budget. There will not be much of a change from the previous fiscal year, however the department recently hired a new employee. The Board also approved a series of 28E agreements between Adair, Cass, and Audubon counties. The agreements would assess a yearly base fee of $5,000, plus a fixed hourly rate, to the cooperating counties to utilize Guthrie County environmental health services.

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