Jefferson Police Chief Comments on Shooting Incident

December 6, 2017 5:34 am

Police Chief Mark ClouseShooting incidents don’t typically happen everyday in small town Iowa, but Jefferson had its share Sunday night.

Police officers were on scene within minutes after a reported call of gunshots being fired around 9:30pm in the 100 block of South Pinet Street. Chief Mark Clouse describes that night and how quickly his department worked the crime scene.

“I’m very, very proud of my officers and my department. We had some very good witnesses to work with that provided us with some good information, which enabled us to I.D. the vehicle, get that information out for an ‘Attempt to Locate’ (message) within minutes.”

Clouse points out that not only did they receive help from the Greene County Sheriff’s office, but they also had help from an Iowa State Trooper, who has ties to the Coon Rapids Police Department, which is where the handgun used in the alleged incident was reported stolen a few hours ago.

“State Patrolman had been having some conversations with Coon Rapids (PD) I believe recently about some incidents that were occuring down there. He took the initiative to contact (them) and out of that is where our second suspect, the passenger, came through that channel.”

Once the suspects were apprehended, Clouse says they executed a search warrant of the vehicle and found the shooter’s bag for the missing handgun, an over $2,000 pair of binoculars, a bag of ammo and four additional 9mm spent casings in the bed of the truck. All items that were recovered were reported stolen by the Coon Rapids Police Department. Clouse is thankful that no one was hurt by any of the gunshots.

“Well I think we were very blessed that no one sustained injuries. Obviously when you have a subject shooting rounds towards a group of people and no one was injured or hit with one of those rounds, it’s a very blessing situation.”

The suspects, Adam Stilson and Jake Cretsinger, are being held in the Greene County Jail, each under a $10,000-cash only bond. Both will have their preliminary hearing on December 15th.         

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