Greene County Secondary Roads Ready for Winter

December 7, 2017 5:28 am

snowplow-trucksWe saw a small glimpse of snowfall yesterday across Greene County, which means more will be on the way. The Greene County Secondary Roads Department is ready for any additional snowfall.

County Engineer Wade Weiss says they can make the transition for their 12 trucks from hauling gravel to plowing snow in a matter of minutes. They use 12 maintainers to help plow the 1,000 miles of roads in the county. They also have 3,000-tons of sand and salt mixture ready to apply to the snow and ice covered roads this winter season. Weiss points out that they get their sand material from a county-owned facility, while the salt comes from a facility in Ames.

He adds that each truck and maintainer has a dedicated route that an employee will work during a snow removal event.

“What we’ve found, and Greene County is a little different than most, we will get the roads at least open even in the worst snow event. It’s been very seldom that we’ve not gotten all of the roads at least hit once after a snow event.”

Weiss appreciates everyone’s patience and caution on the roads when county vehicles are out during snow events, making the roads passable during the winter.

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