Dallas County Conservation Reminds Public of Snowmobile Rules

December 7, 2017 5:26 am

dallas co conservation

Dallas County Conservation encourages people to use the Raccoon River Valley Trail all year, and one popular use during the winter is for snowmobiles.

With that in mind, the Conservation Board reminds people of the rules they have for snowmobile use. First, there must be at least four-inches of snow cover on the trail before snowmobiles are allowed. They must remain on the hard-surface trail within the County-owned right-of-way, and riders must respect the no-trespassing wishes of adjacent landowners. Additionally, snowmobile users are subject to normal trail-user permit requirements, which is $2 per day or $10 for a year. Finally, no studs are allowed on the snowmobile track if they are used on the trail.

The Conservation Board also reserves the right to modify or alter the policy at any time. For more information on snowmobile use, contact Dallas County Conservation at 515-465-3577.

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