Veterans Services in Guthrie County

November 10, 2017 5:33 am

IMG_1445Tomorrow is Veterans Day, a day dedicated to the bravest and finest men and women who have served our country’s military. For many of these veterans, it can be difficult to transition back into civilian life. In Guthrie County, there are several services aimed at making some of those difficulties a little easier.

Guthrie County Veterans Affairs Department offers assistance in applying for beneficial financial programs. These programs provide many benefits for veterans, including disability compensation, pensions, and access to the Iowa Trust Fund. The County additionally provides applications for the VA Healthcare System, Iowa Veterans Home, and assistance in obtaining military records. Other programs include: emergency financial assistance to pay for regular life expenses, such as: rent, utilities, food, prescription medication, transportation, burial assistance, and grave markers.

U.S. Congressman David Young, who represents Guthrie County in Iowa’s 3rd District, also co-sponsored recent legislation to examine the effectiveness and outcomes of the Veterans Crisis Line. The service provides free, and confidential support for veterans in times of need. Young is pleased with where veterans reform is going, but knows there is work to be done. “If you’re not doing your job, especially if you’re supposed to be serving veterans, you need to be shown the door.”

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