Tuesday’s Voter Turnout in Greene County a Bit Better Than Last City Election

November 9, 2017 5:31 am

Election Day at CourthouseVoter turnout in Tuesday’s mayoral and city council elections proved to be high in Greene County communities where there were contested races.

Grand Junction had the highest percentage of voter turnout with 42.29-percent, or 214 ballots cast of the 506 registered voters. Grand Junction also had arguably the most contested races for mayor and city council including two candidates for mayor and six candidates for three at-large council seats. Paton had the next highest percentage with 28.77-percent. They had a write-in for mayor and a tie for one of the two at-large city council seats, which will be decided by drawing a name out of a hat at the Greene County Supervisors regular meeting on Monday.

Scranton also had a contested race for mayor and two at-large city council seats. The voter turnout was 27.20-percent. Jefferson didn’t have a contested race and had the lowest voter turnout with 6.6-percent, or 207 ballots cast of the 3,121 registered voters.

In the last mayoral and city council elections in 2015, Jefferson had contested city council races and pulled a 17-percent voter turnout. Grand Junction had a contested race for mayor and their voter turnout was 38.25-percent. There was also a contested race for mayor and city council in Scranton which had a 23.55-percent voter turnout. The lowest voter turnout in 2015 was Rippey with 11-percent.


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