Stuart City Council Moving Forward with Wambold Phase II

November 14, 2017 5:33 am

IMG_1729The Stuart City Council met in regular session Monday.

Fire Chief Mike Renslow presented a final bill of just over $16,000, nearly a year’s budget for the Fire Department, for repairs to the main fire engine. The Council approved paying the full amount out of the City’s general fund as this was deemed the most fiscally responsible solution by the Council.

Warren Varley, on behalf of Project Restore, then submitted a list of recommendations on the Depot utilization for the Council to consider. Both Varley, and later Depot Committee member Doris Bench emphatically voiced their nomination of Brenda Dudley as a future Tourism/Marketing Director for the Depot. No action was taken at this time as the organizations involved are still processing a finalized proposal.

City historian Bob Cook then took some time to address the Council on a growing concern in regards to meeting transparency. Cook and others assembled agreed that electronic copies of Council meeting agendas, as well as beneficial supplemental materials, should be posted to the City’s website and circulated via local media. Cook used an analogy to get his point across regarding the Council’s speed in passing resolutions. “To me, sitting over here is kind of like listening to Peyton Manning when he was playing. 2-4-7, Omaha! Omaha!”

The Council also officially approved a series of 2017 B Bonds to restructure City debt, after originally approving the plans during a special session last month. This restructuring will allow the City to continue financing the Wambold Phase II housing project. Other items approved include: the city audit for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2017, the 2017 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Certificate, the City’s garbage contract with Chuck Avey, City Attorney Beverly Wild’s recommendations on nuisance properties, yearly maintenance costs to the City’s website, and various legal fees and appointments to City commissions.

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