Perry Prepared to Welcome New Mayor and Council Member

November 9, 2017 5:35 am

Perry City Council 8-21

Come January, the Perry City Council will look a bit different, with one new face at the table and another face changing seats.

In Tuesday’s city election, the voters in Perry elected a new mayor in John Andorf, and also selected his replacement on the Council with Vicki Klein. Andorf was finishing his first term as one of the Council’s at-large representatives, and outgoing Mayor Jay Pattee made it clear he was retiring from public service. Andorf says he liked the progressive direction the City has been heading, and decided he wanted to keep things in Perry moving forward. He believes he’s the right person to keep the City moving in the right direction, and was pleased the voters agreed with him.

To help him with that, Andorf plans to seek the advice of Pattee, who had been a supporter of his candidacy. “We talked a little bit, and he really felt that with my experience that I would be able to do the job. I haven’t really prevailed upon him too much yet, but after I’m officially mayor I want to sit down with him and get some of his wisdom and advice. And that’s what I plan to do.”

The seat Andorf is vacating will now be filled by Klein, who gives the Council a better gender balance, which is something Pattee had been hoping for. Klein was in a very close race with fellow candidate Elizabeth Hix, but wound up prevailing by a mere eight votes. Klein is no stranger to close elections, as in the 2012 primary election, she fell in the race for Dallas County Auditor by just 21 votes. She’s excited to get started on the Council, and feels she has the time, energy, and experience needed to properly serve the citizens of Perry.

Andorf and Klein won’t be officially confirmed until the election is canvassed at next week’s Dallas County Supervisors meeting.

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