Meet the Candidates for the Perry City Council: Harlan Den Beste and Elizabeth Hix

November 1, 2017 5:35 am


In less than one week, Dallas County residents will head to the polls to select new city council members and mayors, so the time to learn about the candidates is running short. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to two of the candidates for the at-large seat on the Perry City Council: Harlan Den Beste and Elizabeth Hix.

Den Beste has lived in Perry for around five years, and decided to run because he sees a lot of potential in the City, and feels he has good ideas for its future. An issue he’d like to tackle is promoting Perry and fostering better commerce. “I would like to see programs instituted that would encourage commercial development, as well as corporate development, to not only allow citizens greater choice, but also to promote a greater employment base. I believe these are very important aspects that need to be addressed for our development in the next few years.”

Hix was born and raised in Perry, and decided to run because of the pride she has in the City, as well as her desire to get more involved in the direction it’s going. Something she’d like to see if elected is a focus on bringing more people to Perry for living and working. “One of the things I’ve enjoyed is I’m able to live in Perry and also work in the community that I live in. I think that’s important. I’d like to see people moving into Perry, I’d like to see people having the same perspective as we do as far as being proud of the community that you work and live in.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 7th. To learn more about the candidates for the Perry City Council, listen to the “Meet the Candidates of Dallas County” forum tomorrow at 6 p.m., or find the program on demand at Also listen tomorrow to learn more about the other two candidates for Perry’s at-large seat.

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