Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower Bells Settling In

November 14, 2017 5:25 am

bell tower bellsSince the four-octave, 48-bell carillon was officially installed on top of the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower in Jefferson this past June, a period of tweaks had to be made.

Assistant Greene County Engineer Don VanGilder says people may have heard the music coming from the bell tower back then was not quite right. That’s because the bells were so new, they had to give them time to be “broken in.”

“It’s just like any other piece of machinery, like when you put new guitar strings on, they stretch and then you have to adjust them. So this is no different than something like that.”

After a few months, VanGilder and a Verdin Company technician made adjustments to one bell that was striking twice when played at the control panel. They also checked each bell individually and made other adjustments as necessary. However, VanGilder says it’s all about where you are in comparison to the bells.

“If you stand right by the bell tower and listen, the bells that are on the far side you may not hear them as well. Some people have said if you go a block away or so, you can hear the total sound coming from the tower.”

To complete the project, $450,000 was raised through donations and grants to install the rest of the bells.

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