Hometown Heritage’s Dallas County History Exhibit Leaving Soon

November 14, 2017 5:29 am

Perry Carnegie Library Entrance

For almost two months, visitors to the Carnegie Library Museum in Perry have been treated to an exhibit on Dallas County’s history, but after this week it will be gone.

Perry Hometown Heritage Research Assistant Alissa Whitmore says the exhibit will be wrapping up on Sunday, so anyone who hasn’t seen it yet will need to act fast. The exhibit includes some famous Perry natives, such as cartoonist Snick Hamlin, as well as famous visitors, such as Babe Ruth. However, Whitmore says the figure who draws the most eyes in the popular exhibit is a certain notorious gangster and his family.

“We have seen some increased attendance, particularly on the weekends. And a lot of people really gravitate, of course, towards the Buck Barrow exhibit. Bonnie and Clyde kind of holds a lot of interest for people. So even though, of course, they did some horrible things, people are always kind of interested in the infamous people that have passed through.”

There is no cost to visit the Carnegie Library Museum or to view the Dallas County history exhibit. To learn more about this and other events at Hometown Heritage, listen to Monday’s Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County program at RaccoonValleyRadio.com.

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