Greene County Public Health Focuses on Importance of Flu Vaccines

November 9, 2017 5:28 am

vaccinesWith the Iowa Department of Public Health recently reporting the first flu-related death last month, Greene County Public Health reminds everyone the importance of getting a flu vaccination.

Immunization Coordinator Jill Juergensen says some of the signs and symptoms of the virus include: general body aches and pains, severe fatigue or weakness, extreme exhaustion, sore throat and a severe cough. Juergensen points out there are several ways the flu can be spread, those include: coughing and sneezing, skin-to-skin contact, transferring saliva through kissing or sharing drinks and touching contaminated surfaces. Juergensen notes that we are heading into the peak of flu season.

“The peak of flu season is usually between November and January. We start giving the flu vaccine as early as September. We generally encourage people to get their flu vaccine sometime maybe towards the end of October. They can get the flu vaccine anytime through spring. We usually stop giving the flu vaccine the first part of April.”

Juergensen says the one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting the flu this winter is by getting a flu vaccination shot.

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