Dallas County Election Results Are In

November 7, 2017 9:53 pm

Dallas Vote

The voters of Dallas County have spoken, and the results are in.

In Perry, mayoral candidate John Andorf and ward two city council candidate Dr. Randy McCaulley were running unopposed, and each was confirmed by the voters. The open at-large council seat was contested by four candidates, but in the end voters selected Vicki Klein, who received 36.4% of the votes, beating Elizabeth Hix by a mere 8 votes. Perry also approved the local option sales tax measure with 79.5% of the vote.

In Adel, the contested mayoral election was competitive to the end, but the voters re-elected incumbent Jim Peters, who narrowly defeated challenger Carter Nordman, 51.6% to 48.3%. The Adel City Council also had two open at-large seats, which will be filled by Jodi Selby and Rob Christensen, who received 37.5% and 27.3% of the votes, respectively. In another contested race, Pam Bach, Terri Golightly, and Russell Baker emerged from the pool of eight candidates for the three open seats on the DeSoto City Council. Additionally, the local option sales tax measure passed in each city in Dallas County, including the unincorporated areas and the contiguous Des Moines metro area, which includes Jordan Creek Town Center.

Perry Mayor Elect John Andorf was excited to be confirmed at the polls. “I want to thank the voters of Perry for supporting me in this election. I also want to thank them for their support as I end my first term as councilman at large. Finally, I want to recognize and sincerely thank our current Mayor Jay Pattee for his many years of dedicated service for the City of Perry, and also the community at large. I think he’s done a great job of representing us.”

The results won’t be official until they are canvassed by the Dallas County Supervisors next week.

See below for a full list of results from the city elections.

Adel: No local option sales tax measure
Mayor — Winner: Jim Peters, 51.6% — Carter Nordman, 48.3%
At-Large City Council (2) — Winner: Jodi Selby 37.5% — Winner: Rob Christensen, 27.3% — Bryce Smith, 21.4% — Rebecca Hillmer, 13.6%

Bouton: Yes on local option sales tax: 79.3%
Mayor — Write-in, 23 votes
At-Large City Council (5) — Write-in, 36.7% — Bob Slaughter, 18.3% — Camilla McCain, 17.5% — Arlene Greiner, 14.2% — Linda Neville, 13.3%

Dawson: Yes on local option sales tax: 94.3%
Mayor — Breanna Gonzalez, 76.7%
At-Large City Council (5) — Greg Lewis, 22.3% — Maris Masengill, 22.3% — Clarence Morman, 17.3% — Robin L. Wolfe, 15.8% — Tera Michelle Smith, 11.5% — Write-in, 10.8%

DeSoto: Yes on local option sales tax: 77.6%
Mayor — Darold Butch Ostrander, 92.6%
At-Large City Council (3) — Winner: Pam Bach, 21.9% — Winner: Terri Golightly, 16.4% — Winner: Russell Baker, 13.3% — Ted Hansen, 10.7% — Mathew Sanders, 10.5% — Emily Cramp, 9.0% — Steve Jones, 9.0% — Robert Greenway, 7.6%

Dexter: Yes on local option sales tax: 96.4%
At-Large City Council (3) — Write-in, 36.3% — Timothy Morehouse, 34.9% — Adrienne Howard, 28.9%

Linden: Yes on local option sales tax: 87.8%
Mayor — Write-in, 26 votes
At-Large City Council (2) — Winner: Pamela Basquin, 34.4% — Winner: Wendy Lemke, 33.3% — June Rector, 27.1%

Minburn: Yes on local option sales tax: 81.8%
Mayor — Travis Connick, 81.6%
At-Large City Council (3) — Write-in, 60 votes
At-Large City Council to fill vacancy (1) — Write-in, 12 votes

Perry: Yes on local option sales tax: 79.5%
Mayor — John D. Andorf, 91.1%
At-Large City Council (1) — Winner: Vicki Klein, 36.4% — Elizabeth Hix, 35.0% — Harlan Den Beste, 16.9% — Ron Leber, 10.9%
Ward 2 City Council (1) — Dr. Randy McCaulley, 99.3%

Redfield: Yes on local option sales tax: 85.7%
Mayor — Dustin Lantz, 95.6%
At-Large City Council (2) — Pamela J. Danielson, 53.1% — Heather Godwin-Pote, 45.0%

Unincorporated Dallas County: Yes on local option sales tax: 51.1%

Contiguos Des Moines Metro Area: Yes on local option sales tax: 61.2%

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