Calvert Incorporating Spontaneity in Second Season

November 9, 2017 6:17 am

WCV (1)West Central Valley Wrestling Head Coach Ethan Calvert is adjusting his style of coaching between his first and second seasons in Stuart.

After his first season at the helm of the Wildcat wrestling squad, Calvert is learning how to sometimes deviate from structured practice plans when necessary. Calvert explained the progression of his style on Monday’s Guthrie County PM Sports Page. “For me I always had everything planned. Sometimes you kind of have to go with the flow of the room. Sometimes the guys are going faster paced and we can move on and cover different things. Sometimes you’ve got to slow it down. You’ve got to be prepared to not always sweat the small stuff.”

Despite his brief stint at West Central Valley thus far, Calvert brings plenty of experience to the job. Calvert’s father Randy was the long time head wrestling coach at I-35. Calvert started wrestling in first grade and was a two-time state placewinner. His family tradition of wrestling is something he is trying to bring to the Wildcats. “We’re a bunch of brothers in the wrestling room. I try to bring that family atmosphere.”

Calvert and the Wildcats begin the regular season at East Union on Thursday, November 30th.


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