Two Fundraisers Coming Up for Greene County FFA

October 12, 2017 5:22 am

ffaGreene County FFA has a couple of fundraisers coming up.

President Gwen Black says FFA’ers will be sponsoring a petting zoo at the annual Deal’s Orchard Fall Festival this weekend.

“We get animals donated from local FFA members and from their parents and we bring them in and set everything up on Friday. And then we go out Saturday morning and kids get to come through for $1 and just see all the animals we’ve got out there. It’s just super fun.”

Black says she’s heavily involved in helping with the petting zoo.

“I’ve done it every year since I was a freshman. So that’s been just really fun to be able to work out there and work with all the kids, and get in pens and get dirty and pick up baby pigs for kids that want to see them.”

Another fundraiser is the annual fruit sales, which Black says will start on Monday, October 16th and ends November 3rd.

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