Site Preparation Bid Accepted for New Law Enforcement Center

October 6, 2017 5:35 am

law enforcement center

This week’s meeting of the Dallas County Board of Supervisors centered around the new law enforcement center.

Since the bond referendum was passed in May, the architects, engineers, and designers have been in planning mode. However, this week the facility took the first step towards being built. The county received bid proposals from six different companies for the site preparation package. The low bid came from McAninch Corporation for $162,035, well under the engineer’s estimate of $232,000. McAninch told the county the project was coming at a good time for them, and that allowed them to keep their bid low.

The Supervisors approved a contract with McAninch, pending any objections from the county attorney or the Samuels Group, and the approval of the City of Adel Board of Adjustment. The dirt work could start as early as next week, and the county is requiring it to be finished by December 1st. A groundbreaking ceremony should happen in the coming weeks. Sheriff Chad Leonard, who has been heavily involved in the design aspect of the facility, says the progress made so far has been very promising.

“I think originally, we put it out there to take approximately two years to build. And I know we’re being hopeful now of trying to get it done in 20 months. And (we’re) hoping for a good winter that they can actually get some stuff done that they weren’t expecting to be able to get done. So if that happens, then you know that just saves us that much more money for housing prisoners in other jails, and be a definite cost savings the sooner we can get it done.”

The current timeline for construction has the facility being completed and ready to house prisoners by early spring of 2018. Listen to Raccoon Valley Radio for continued updates on the progress of the law enforcement center.

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