Senator Grassley Addressing Gun Control Issue Following Tragedy in Las Vegas

October 12, 2017 5:34 am
Grassley speaking a Midland Power in Jefferson Monday

Grassley speaking a Midland Power in Jefferson Monday

With the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, discussions of gun control have resurfaced.

US Senator Charles Grassley recently stopped in Greene County as part of his 99-county tour and Raccoon Valley Radio asked Grassley his comments if there should be legislation passed to make the process of owning a gun more strict.

“If we could get a bipartisan agreement that would deal just with that one issue, there’s a possibility. But when I hear that (Nancy) Pelosi would like to kind of gut Second Amendment rights if a bill would get up (in the House) there’s no chance that that’s going to happen. It could also happen in the United States Senate.”

Grassley explains how he feels about allowing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms or another federal government agency to track electronically the number of firearms that an individual has.

“Definitely not. If the government knows where your guns are they know where to go get them if they want to confiscate them.”

Grassley says instead, what he thinks is more likely is to happen is reappealing the legalization of the bump stocks that make semi-automatic into fully-automatic firearms.

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