Perry Soccer Complex Drama Continues

September 8, 2017 5:35 am

Perry City Council 8-21

The continuing saga of the Perry soccer complex construction added a new wrinkle at the recent City Council meeting.

Matt Farrier from Bolton and Menk said the original contractor, Spring Lake Construction, was supposed to hire J&M Landscaping to finish the job. However, there were some discrepancies involving the contracts between the firms, so the City is prepared to go another route.

City Administrator Sven Peterson explains, “They (Spring Lake) said they were going to hire another company (J&M) to come in and finish the work. And as this project has kind of been going, they ended up not doing that. We’ve actually started to make the process go forward of making a claim against their bond and working directly with the bond company instead of them. So that process is going, and that’s kind of the last straw and the final process to make sure that this project gets done, and gets done in the most well-conceived manner that’ll have a good product for us in the end.”

Farrier indicated if the seeding does get done before the end of September and the weather cooperates, there’s a chance the complex could host games as early as next spring. Peterson adds that while that is a possibility, any play on it next spring would have to be light so they can make sure the grass is established.

To hear more about the recent Perry City Council meeting, listen to Wednesday’s Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County program at

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