Jefferson City Council Approves Change Orders and Pay Estimates for Projects

September 13, 2017 5:31 am

Jefferson City Council 9_12The Jefferson City Council met Tuesday night in regular session.

The Council approved the third reading to amend an ordinance to increase water and sewer rates each by three-percent, the second reading to amend an ordinance to adopt the existing code of ordinances and set October 10th’s council meeting as the public hearing date to amend the urban renewal area and a development agreement with Wahl-McAtee Tire and Service. Additionally, the Council approved a plat of survey for the Greene County School District. The School District is wanting to make three lots on East Wilcox Way into two 80-foot lots.

The Council also approved several change orders and pay estimates. One change order was for $13,475 to Pinnacle Construction for the Community Development Block Grant project. It was for added expenses to some of the facades of the buildings that are involved. Another change order was for $2,496 to Godbersen-Smith Construction for adjusted cost for materials for some street and alleyway projects. The Council approved a $75,865 pay estimate to Pinnacle Construction for work done on the CDBG project. The Council also approved a $207,948 pay estimate to Godbersen-Smith Construction for work done on their projects.

The Council then set October 10th for their budget priority workshop.

Finally, a report was made about the new animal shelter. Councilperson Dave Sloan said the architect firm that the steering committee has been working with gave them a proposal for plans and specifications for the facility. The first phase is about $46,700 for the planning and engineering services. The second phase is about $43,300 for the contractor to oversee the project and for engineering firm Bolton & Menk to do the excavating of the land. Sloan mentioned that by the next Council meeting, the topic will be on the agenda for the Council to approved their financial commitment to the project.

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