Total Solar Eclipse Happening this Month, Here’s Where You Can View It

August 13, 2017 5:23 am

Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21st, one of the most rare celestial occurrences is taking place, and several entities in Dallas County are hosting events to view it.

A total solar eclipse will grace the skies across the United States, and in central Iowa we will have a 95% viewing of it. That means, while our view isn’t ideal, the vast majority of the sun will be blocked out by the moon. To celebrate this rare opportunity, the Perry Public Library, Adel Public Library, and Dallas County Conservation all have events planned.

The Perry library’s event will feature a guest speaker, a hands-on activity, and safe viewing of the eclipse with special glasses. Library Director Mary Murphy says the eclipse is a great leaping-point for next year’s summer reading program. “This solar eclipse is kind of like a preview of what’s going to happen next year. We did in 2015 receive that American Libraries Association grant, ‘Discover Space.’ And in ‘Discover Space’ we will get 11 or 12 museum-quality kiosks that do certain things. We’re really excited, because it’s something that we haven’t ever done before.”

Other eclipse events include: a viewing party at the Adel library, where they will have 100 pairs of view glasses, and will meet in the library parking lot; and a trip down to Missouri with Dallas County Conservation to view the eclipse at its optimal point.

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