New Opportunities Partners with Guthrie Center School District for Free Summer Lunch Program

August 12, 2017 5:30 am

new opportunitiesNew Opportunities of Guthrie County partnered with the Guthrie Center School District for the free kids summer lunch program.

Guthrie County Family Development Center Coordinator Rhonda Huggins talks about some of the activities that went on during the program.

“The Extension office here in Guthrie (County) would provide a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program prior to lunch. That was very popular. There was all kinds of stuff going on for the kids. Then they could come into the school where it was nice and cool, grab a lunch at no cost. It was real successful, we had a lot of kids show up for that.”

Qualified individuals ranged from 1 to 18-years-old in the school district. Huggins adds that other school districts do their own program, while New Opportunities provided the funding and meals for students in the Guthrie Center School District.


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