Gradual Approach For Panorama Football In The Week Ahead

August 12, 2017 6:19 am

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Football teams across the state of Iowa can rejoice a little as today marks the turning of the practice page with the first day of full contact.

Now the direction of practices can turn more physical in style and coaches can get a better idea of where their team stands. While some coaches dive head first into full contact, Panorama head football coach Lyle Alumbaugh will be taking a more gradual approach as he mentioned to Raccoon Valley Radio.

“There’s a little more contact with every segment that comes in. Safety is a big issue at all times I mean we’ll spend some time on the correct way to tackle and we’ll spend time on the way we want to be blocking. Each segment you add a little bit more, you do a little bit more from a physical standpoint. It’s kind of a slow but sure way to get involved and most of the older guys stay pretty board until you get to that point but there’s still a lot to learn and a lot to go over,” stated coach Alumbaugh.

The Panthers will gradually work their way up to their first competition of the season which comes in the form of a scrimmage on August 18th. There the Panthers will be taking on Guthrie County rival ACGC with kick off set for 7:00 pm.

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