Coach Whisner Talks ADM Football Practice Strategy Week 1

August 11, 2017 6:22 am

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As the penultimate day of the first week of practice arises for Iowa High School football teams, a lot of foundation is being established for later weeks to come.

Within this first light week, many teams focus on the foundation and for ADM head football coach Mike Whinser, that includes focus on the basic set ups on offense and defense.

“This week is really our base offense, base defense; try to install that with 9-12th grades so that they basically have the ground work for where we want to start and the things we want to accomplish and then we add two more additional progressions,” stated coach Whisner.

While today still holds light contact for coach Whisner and his Tiger football squad, tomorrow will allow full pads and full contact as they round out week one of practice.

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