Some Guthrie County 4-H Static Exhibits Move on to the State Fair

July 17, 2017 5:33 am

Guthrie County Static Exhibits pic 2Even though the Guthrie County Fair doesn’t happen until Labor Day weekend, several competitions were recently held to see who qualified for the state fair.

Guthrie County Extension 4-H Coordinator Mollie Clark says they had over 500 static exhibits submitted last Monday, but only a maximum number of 30 entries qualified for the state fair. She explains what the most impressive thing is for her about the static exhibits.

“The kids are so amazing and the different ideas they come up with. We have a rocket stove that a kid designed himself. And we have a barbecue pit that a kid made out of old tire rims and they’re interests that come through.”Guthrie County Static Exhibits pic 1

As far as livestock, Clark says they have about 20 kids registered for next month’s state fair. She points out one area that’s really seen a large increase is the number of poultry for the county fair.

“We have 393 birds that were identified on May 15th. So that is more than what the Nebraska State Fair has. So we have a ton of birds, which is great.”

A full list of the qualifiers can be found below.

Trey Cobb-FFA-Science Engineering and Technology

Nic Parker-FFA-Science Engineering and Technology

John Rolfes-FFA-Science Engineering and Technology

Tate Willey-FFA-Science Engineering and Technology

Hope Arganbright-US Sunbeams-Photography (x2)

Naomi Bishop-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Colten Boatman-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Michelle Brooks-SESS Rangefinders-Creative Arts

Bryce Clark-AC/GC FFA-Science Engineering and Technology (x2)

Rachel Cogil-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Trever Derry-SESS Rangefinders-Animals and Science Engineering and Technology

Reagan Gibson-Wichita Wildcats-Family and Consumer Science, and Creative Arts

Quinn Grubbs-Grant Sky Eagles-Creative Arts

Paul Hansen-Cass Pioneers-Ag and Natural Resources

Jared Henderson-Cass Pioneers-Creative Arts and Personal Development

Samara Hoeft-Wichita Wildcats-Creative Arts

Ruby Hummel-Cass Pioneers-Food and Nutrition, and Personal Development

Lydia Knapp-US Sunbeams-Creative Arts

Madeline Knapp-US Sunbeams-Creative Arts and Family and Consumer Science

Kiersten Knobbe-US Sunbeams-Family and Consumer Science

Kelsey Laabs-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Kinze Laabs-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Emily McCann-Northbranch Beavers-Family and Consumer Science

Hailey Meacham-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Jalen Michaelson-SESS Rangefinders-Science Engineering and Technology

Anna Owen-SESS Rangefinders-Creative Arts

Maxwell Owen-SESS Rangefinders-Creative Arts

Parker Owen-SESS Rangefinders-Ag and Natural Resources

Westen Ploeger-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Gavin Pote-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Wyatt Rudy-Grant Sky Eagles-Personal Development

Molly Simmons-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development

Sawyer Simmons-Cass Pioneers-Personal Development


Sam Vannatta-Wichita Wildcats-Creative Arts (x2)

Keely Vasey-Northbranch Beavers-Personal Development

Hannah Woodworth-US Sunbeams-Family and Consumer Science, and Personal Development




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