Perry School District Making Transition From Ubben to Wicks

July 8, 2017 5:35 am

Lynn Ubben with Graduates Clark Wicks

At the upcoming July meeting of the Perry School Board, there will be a new but recognizable face in the middle of the table. New Superintendent Clark Wicks will run the meeting, now that he has officially taken over for retired Superintendent Lynn Ubben.

Wicks previously served as Perry’s elementary principal before becoming the superintendent at Orient-Macksburg. The decision to hire Wicks divided the Board during the interview process. However overall, the Board felt they made the best choice. The Board is hopeful the transition between Ubben and Wicks will be a smooth one, and the July meeting will serve as a good barometer for how the district will move forward.

Listen Tuesday for a full recap of the meeting, as well as the Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County interview with Wicks.

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