Perry Police Reflects on Fireworks Ordinance Enforcement

July 12, 2017 5:35 am


The Perry Police Department has had a week to evaluate how they handled fireworks in the City. Chief Eric Vaughn believes they handled it well, but admits there’s room for improvement.

“I think the officers responded the best that they could. You know, we had a lot of calls. Probably almost twice as what we had last year, at least. And sometimes it’s a little difficult to locate and pinpoint those fireworks, and the specific person that’s discharging them. The officers were running quite a bit, trying to track those down.”

Vaughn doesn’t believe any citations were issued, though he said they issued several warnings throughout the week and informed people about the City’s fireworks ordinance. There were several more issues on the night of the 4th at Pattee Park with people shooting off fireworks.

Vaughn believes overall the City and residents handled the fireworks legalization about as well as they could. There were no reports of injuries or fires related to fireworks in the City, which he took as a good sign. However, he believes the City will continue to evaluate the fireworks issue going forward, including at Monday’s City Council meeting.

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