Adel Public Hearing Cancelled, Annexation in Limbo

July 11, 2017 1:01 pm

The public hearing scheduled during tonight’s Adel City Council meeting has been cancelled.

The hearing was to discuss the proposed annexation of around 1,000 acres of land south of the City, but that proposal is now in limbo. According to City officials, one of the landowners involved in the annexation decided Monday to withdraw their parcels of land from the planned area. With the withdrawal of the four parcels in question, the City no longer had the 80% voluntary participation needed to proceed with the annexation process.

The annexation is a hotly contested issue in Adel, even sparking opposition from the Dallas County Board of Supervisors. They had publicly stated their opposition, because they didn’t feel there was enough information on how the City planned to pay for and accommodate the infrastructure of the proposed area.

It is currently unknown if the City will still attempt to move forward with the proposed annexation, or if the plan is being scrapped for the time being.

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