Karl’s Chevrolet Set to Open Location in Stuart

June 29, 2017 5:30 am


Carl Moyer, owner of Karl Chevrolet in Ankeny, says he had never had a desire to expand his operations outside of the dealership he started in 1978. However, when it became clear the car dealership in Stuart was going to become available, he felt it was an opportunity he couldn’t ignore.

Moyer feels Guthrie and the surrounding counties weren’t being properly supplied from a vehicle standpoint, including parts and service providers. He’s hoping to change that, and in the process make Stuart a more desirable place to live. Additionally, he’s looking forward to having dealerships on either side of the Des Moines metro.

Moyer said he’s excited to kick things off in Stuart, and believes he’s already formed a good relationship with City leaders. “Since I’ve been going over there and visiting with the people, there’s a lot of excitement there (with) the fact that we’re coming. Our intentions are to do a lot of the same things there that we’ve done here, and that’s be involved with the community, involved with the Chamber, and try to support that little town as much as we can, and the surrounding area.”

Karl Chevrolet will officially take possession of the Stuart location on Friday, though Moyer says they won’t actually have any vehicle inventory right away. They do have plans for bringing in vehicles over the coming weeks and months, and Moyer’s hope is to have around 300 cars on the lot.

To hear more about the Stuart Karl Chevrolet, listen to Wednesday’s Let’s Talk Guthrie County at RaccoonValleyRadio.com.

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