Guthrie County Extension Reminding Local Area of the Importance of Hydration

June 19, 2017 5:30 am

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isu extensionGuthrie County Extension in encouraging adequate hydration during the warm summer weather.

Extension points out that keeps people hydrated and healthy, has no calories, and it is inexpensive.Office Manager Janae Eisentrager says if plain water does not appeal to you there are plenty of ways to change it up.

“If plain water is not for you, here are a few ideas to try and freeze juice in ice cube trays and cool down your glass of water with flavored ice cubes, put cut up fruit in a pitcher of water in the refrigerator, put water in a special cup or water bottle and store it in the refrigerator so it is easy to grab in a hurry and add low-calorie drink mixes to water.”

Adequate consumption of water is always important, but is even more so during periods of hot weather in  order to regulate water loss from perspiration.

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