Birth Certificate Card Exchanges Still Available

June 19, 2017 5:22 am

Greene County continues to honor free exchanges for birth certificate cards for those born between May 1993 and October 2009.

The wallet-sized cards are blue and pink. The Iowa Department of Public Health has included additional information on the cards. The Greene County Recorder’s office is allowing those individuals to exchange their original birth certificate cards for new ones for free. County Recorder Marcia Tasler says they had about 120 people take advantage of the free exchange. You must have a valid driver’s license or a parent of a child must have a valid driver’s license during the exchange.

A new card will be issued that same day for those born between 1995 through 2009. Anyone born from May 1993 through 1994 must wait between four to six weeks to receive a new card in the mail.

You can exchange your birth certificate card, whether you live in Greene County or not at the recorder’s office. However, you must have the birth certificate card with you in order to get a new one.


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