Adel Annexation Public Hearing Postponed

June 13, 2017 11:04 am

Tonight’s public hearing for the City of Adel’s proposed annexation has been postponed.

The Adel City Council meeting will still go on as planned, but they will not discuss the annexation in public forum, though they will set a rescheduled date for the hearing. The proposed annexation is for an area of over 1,000 acres south of the City.

The land in question is already being developed, but many have concerns about the size of the annex and if the City has a proper level of preparedness. Among those with concerns is the Dallas County Board of Supervisors, which last week passed a resolution stating their opposition to the proposed annexation. They expressed concerns about the City’s ability to extend sewer, water, and emergency services to the area, as well as how the infrastructure will be paid for.

The Supervisors will have their opposition presented at the public hearing whenever it happens, though they’re not expected to attend themselves.

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