Tornado Warning Sets of Sirens in Some Greene County Communities

April 19, 2017 9:51 pm
Northside of the Greene County Courthouse

Northside of the Greene County Courthouse

Several rounds of severe weather went through our listening area Wednesday night.

Our Severe Weather Action Team coverage began with a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service shortly before 8pm for northwestern Greene County. Storm spotters confirmed a tornado had touched down in Carroll County, but a tornado was only radar-indicated in Greene County. Emergency Management Coordinator Dennis Morlan activated the severe weather sirens for Scranton, Jefferson and Churdan for a couple of minutes. When the warning expired at 8:30, Churdan Fire and Rescue reported seeing a funnel cloud, but it never became a tornado.

A severe thunderstorm warning was then issued about 8:15pm for southwestern Greene County and all of Guthrie County until 9pm. Another severe thunderstorm warning was then issued for all of Greene County at 8:30 until 9:15pm. While that warning was in effect, another severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Adair County at 8:45 until 9:30pm. Storm spotters reported winds in excess of 60-miles-per-hour, pea-sized hail and heavy rainfall. No reports of damage have been made at this time.

Nine Raccoon Valley Radio staff were in contact with Guthrie and Adair County Emergency Management Coordinator Bob Kempf, as well as Greene County Emergency Management Coordinator Dennis Morlan, Greene County Sheriff Jack Williams and WeatherEye meteorologists.

Anytime severe weather threatens Greene, Guthrie and Dallas counties tune into Raccoon Valley Radio for our Severe Weather Action Team coverage until storms drop below severe levels or move out of our primary coverage area.


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