Greene County School Board Approves to Start Soccer

April 20, 2017 5:34 am

Greene County School Board 4_19The Greene County School Board met Wednesday night in regular session.

Following a lengthy discussion, the Board unanimously approved to start soccer for the 2018 spring season, pending final budgetary  figures. The Board then ratified the negotiated agreement with the Greene County Education Association through 2019.

The Board then approved a lease agreement for three school buses, a physical education waiver for next school year to require students to take PE two of three trimesters, three fundraising requests, the 2017-18 experience based and career education agreement with Genesis Development, a youth and shelter services agreement for the student assistance program for next school year and paying $16,000 for Anthony Muhammad to visit for professional development.

Additionally, the Board approved sharing a math teacher with Paton-Churdan School District for one period per day; additional items such as classrooms and security measures from the physical plant and equipment levy fund; soliciting bids to sell three buses, three cars and one van; and a purchase agreement with Area Education Agency for next school year.

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