Final Ag on the Farm Day Commemorates Greene County Kid

April 21, 2017 5:34 am

Ag on the farm pic 1After 20 years of hosting Greene County fourth graders on their farm, Thursday was the final opportunity for students to experience agriculture firsthand.

Ag on the Farm has become a tradition for Tim and Vickie Robbins of Scranton where fourth graders have the opportunity to get hands-on experience of different areas of agriculture. There were nine stations including farm progression, GPS locators, drones, horticulture, cow/calf, corn production, water conservation, sheep and lamb and grain bin safety. Greene County Farm Bureau President John McCormick tells Raccoon Valley Radio why they have continued to sponsor the annual event.

“Just because a lot of them don’t grow up on a farm and gives them a chance to see what we really do. Out here they kind of have a variety of things I mean from livestock to farming from large to small and let’s them know where their food comes from. Some people are removed and they think it comes from Fareway or HyVee.”Ag on the farm pic 2

However, Vickie says after the passing of their grandson Grant Robbins in 2015, her and Tim decided to discontinue hosting the event because Grant’s fourth grade class was this year.

“It’s a bittersweet moment. We’re excited that we have done this for 20-plus years. It’s exciting simply because it is for Grant. And this being the last one, we wanted it to go out with everybody remembering what a fun kids he was and always making people laugh.”

Thursday’s event kicked off with a special surprise delivery of 20 red balloons from Fudge’s Flowers and Gifts for the students to release in memory of Grant.

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