Dallas County Supervisors Approve Street Relocation, Hazard Mitigation Agreement and Operating Transfer

March 8, 2017 5:35 am

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IMG_4406The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday.

At the meeting, the Board approved payroll change notices for the sheriff’s office and human resources department.  The County’s pay plan policy was also approved.  After discussion at recent meetings, Human Resources Director Erin Freeman says they have added an annual three percent cost of living increase cap to the policy.

A five-year hazard mitigation grant program agreement was then approved.  The County is responsible for matching 15 percent of the $32,517 grant, or $8,130 from the Emergency Management budget.  The County’s mitigation grant needs to be renewed by April of next year and Emergency Management Coordinator Barry Halling says that will likely happen before the deadline.

A $320,000 operating transfer from a refunding bond to the general basic miscellaneous income fund was then approved as presented.

A wetland mitigation credit purchase from the City of West Des Moines was then approved.  The City is purchasing 0.25 acres from the County, which brings their credit total to 18.74 acres.

An amendment to the County’s dust control program policy was then approved.  Engineer Al Miller says they have changed the midsummer single application deadline from the fourth Friday of July to the second Friday of the month and regulations have been set for the flags that mark where the material has been applied. Three dust control vendor permits were also approved as presented.  Miller says these are the same three vendors that were used in the County last year.

A street relocation agreement between the County and the City of Perry for 150th Street was approved.  Perry is looking to add a new runway to the municipal airport and the road will need to be moved in order to allow enough space between the aircrafts and motorists. Perry City Engineer Matt Ferrier with Bolton and Menk says the plan is to move the road diagonally.  The goal is to not close the current street until the new, rerouted road is complete.

James Uthe was then reappointed as the County’s weed commissioner.  He will be paid a salary of up to $5,481 for a six month period.

A request to place advertisements in local newspapers to inform residents about the upcoming special bond referendum election was then discussed.  The County looks to reach as many people as possible to educate the public on the need for a new law enforcement facility.  Operations Administrator Rob Tietz has obtained quotes from the County’s official publications to see how much it would cost.  The Supervisors also suggested looking into additional media options, such as radio advertisements, to help get the word out.  Tietz was directed to get quotes from various media sources and a workshop to discuss a budget for this portion of the project will be scheduled for a later date.

The Board then went into a closed session to discuss the purchase of particular real estate.

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