Dallas County Supervisors Approve Cott Systems Agreement and Cot Purchase

March 15, 2017 5:35 am

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TIMG_4478he Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday.

During open forum, Recorder Chad Airhart talked about the document scanning agreement the County has with Cott Systems. He says it is estimated that the project will take 60-70 work days to complete the project of scanning old bound record books into the system. Later in the meeting the agreement with Cott Systems was approved by the Board.

Payroll change notices for the conservation department and Sheriff’s office were approved as presented.

A public hearing in regards to the County’s five year road construction program was set for 10:30am on March 28th.

An ambulance cot purchase request for the Emergency Medical Services department was then discussed.  Director Mike Thomason compared two different options and after doing some research recommended purchasing equipment from Stryker.  Ultimately, the Board approved a bid from Strkyer for two power loading systems, two track system and one cot at a cost of $68,900.

The Board then held a public hearing in regards to a rezoning request for MidAmerican Energy.  The utility company is looking to have 150 acres west of R16, north of 303rd Place near Ortonville rezoned from agriculture to light industrial. Following the hearing the Board approved MidAmerican’s request for rezoning.

The Supervisors talked briefly about plans to continue educating the public on the need for a new law enforcement center ahead of the May 2nd special election.  The Board asked Administrative Assistant Melinda Harney to put the upcoming town hall meetings on their agendas in case at least two Supervisors are available to attend.

Later in the day the Board held two agricultural tax credit appeal hearings for Dan Spellman and Bob Heimbaugh and attended a law enforcement center bond referendum town hall meeting in Waukee.

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