Sidewalks and Parking Lots Aren’t the Only Areas Business Owners Need to Think About Shoveling

February 9, 2017 5:35 am

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perry logoWith fresh snow on the ground the Perry Public Works Department reminds business owners that it’s important to make sure you clear the area around your garbage containers.

“They get snow around them and a lot of businesses have a little cubby hole area where the dumpster sits and it slips their mind.  They get their parking lots but they don’t think about around that dumpster.  So as a reminder, when it snows, think about that dumpster if you’ve got one.  Make sure that area is cleared out so that they can grab on to it, wheel it into the truck and get it dumped safely.  It helps us out, it helps the guys out and it’s going to help you out too.”

That’s Public Works Director Jack Butler who says it all comes down to safety.  If the area around the receptacles is not cleared, he says they may contact the property owner and ask them to remove the snow and ice and refuse to pick up the trash until that has been completed.

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